Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best Way To Advertise A Garage Sale For Profits

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First, list your garage sale on Craigslist. List it under Garage sales and make sure you are on your city page. If your sale will be on the weekend, list it Monday before the sale and relist again on Wednesday. Craigslist is the best way to make known your garage sale, yard sale, or moving sale.

WHEN: I think the best time to have a sale is FRIDAY NIGHT and SATURDAY morning. Friday nights are becoming very popular; I have seen many people going to yard sales on Friday evenings. If you subdivision allows for it, put your signs out a few days before the sale. That way people can plan to come to it. ALSO, Check with your local city and subdivision. Many have restrictions now. One nice subdivision near me doesn't allow signs. People get around it by pulling their vehicle up near the entrance and putting a sign in the window. It works very well.

SIGNS You may make them or buy them at your local hardware store. A Neon color is helpful with black lettering. If you make them, check the weather for rain. If it will be raining before the sale, either get the waterproof board, or wait to put them up before the sale. The waterproof board isn't that expensive at Walmart, you do no need to make every sign out of it.

*Make them clear and write big enough to read from car and not many details. Many people make the mistake of writing too much and the driver doesn't have time to read the sign while driving by.

7:00 SAT
15 ASPEN Ct.
 If there any turns, Make neon and black >>> ARROWS

Don't forget to ask permission from homeowners if you are going to put a sign in their yard. People that live on corners, like I do, really appreciate if someone asks to put a sign in their yard. If you do not ask, they may take it down. Don't forget to take your signs down after the sale.

TIPS: you can get more TRAFFIC if you get a few neighbors to have one too. List the heading SUBDIVISION SALE under garage sales Craigslist. You will get sooo much more business. With gas prices and people's time being valuable, they will map out their sales for the day and will go to the areas with the most. If you are having a MOVING SALE, be sure to advertise it this way. If you have some nice items, or have a nice, organized garage with your items all set up, take a few pictures, this helps too.

REMEMBER: you will be going through a lot of work. You do not want to skimp on your advertising. Bigger and more expensive items will usually bring in more money on Craigslist. (Click my "Step by Step Craigslist if interested). GOOD LUCK AND HOPE THIS HELPS.My husband and I been married 28 years, I'm a stay-at-home mother of five, and we live on a beautiful three-acre lot with a pond - all on my husband's construction worker's salary - all with no debt.Want to know more, check out my blog at Anna. Article Source: